A bumpy start.... 
It is officially interim time and we have made it through the first 4 weeks of the HP Revolve roll-out.  We have distributed computers to almost every single 6th grade student and THAT was a logistical roadblock that we resolved with relative ease.  

Little did we know that when the students took the Revolves home that students were not able to:
  1. save their work once they opened the attachments and worked on them.
  2. use the camera app to take pictures for Social Studies or record a performance for Music.
  3. access the digital content link from the teacher without being prompted for a password and username.

Our solutions came quickly.  I made sure I spent a week with Social Studies classes and an additional week in English modeling for the students how to access and save to their OneDrive AND how to turn-in work through BCPS One. was tough and the kids were great!  Here are the solutions we came up with:

  1. Students have been instructed to save EVERYTHING to their personal OneDrive account in the cloud.  If the teachers ask them to save anywhere else, the resounding response should be..."Ms. Hill said NO!".
  2. For recording sound or video for a teacher, students can use VoiceThread (accessed through BCPSOne's Instructional Tools) and save it in the appropriate teacher's folder.  Students have not been provided direct instruction for this tool yet, but experimenting with the tool is encouraged.
  3. When at home, students should access any digital content from the Digital Content option when they first land into BCPS One.  Alternatively, students can access the passwords from class site.
We are so appreciative to the students and parents for being patient as we figure all these bumps out.  Hopefully, the next post will be more positive and showcase our successes with the Revolve's.
Posted by chill On 22 September, 2016 at 4:25 PM  4 Comments

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