Tracie Marcus Academic Leadership

Tracie Marcus Academic Leadership Program

What is it? A tutoring/mentoring program that supports all students at Catonsville Middle.  Tutoring is provided free of charge in the following subjects; Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. We also offer organizational assistance and homework help from resource teachers.  

When is it?  Wednesdays after school from 3pm until 4:00pm.  Students may either walk, get picked up, or take the activity bus home.  Please note that space on the activity bus is limited so students are encouraged to sign-up early for it.   

How do I sign up? There are three ways students can get involved in this program.  They can be referred by a teacher, a parent, or students can refer themselves.  In order to sign-up, students must complete a permission slip and have it signed by a parent/guardian.  Permission slips can be found outside of the main office.  After their permission slip is complete, they can sign-up in the office.  Students may sign-up anytime during the week for tutoring up until the end of homeroom the day of the session.  Each tutoring group will be capped at 20 students so signing up early is recommended.   

Who is involved?  All academic-area tutoring is overseen by CMS teachers. Catonsville High School seniors provide assistance with tutoring, organization and homework. 

Where? Students should report to the library after 2nd bell where they will be welcomed and then directed to the various tutoring sessions. 

Will snacks be provided after-school?  Yes!  When students report to the library they will be provided with a snack and a beverage.  Please note food allergies on permission slips.   

Questions: If you have any questions about this program please do not hesitate to contact  Kim Mills at (410) 887-0803 or

Click below for a permission slip.

_TM slip 2016-17.doc