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Office Telephone

Use of the office telephone should only be used by students for emergencies. If your child has forgotten his/her lunch then we will allow the phone to be used for that purpose. However, if homework has been left at home or incomplete, gym uniform, musical instrument or a permission slip has been forgotten, we will not allow the phone to be used for those purposes. We are also trying to limit the number calls parents make to their child during school hours; these calls should also be for emergencies only. Please make all arrangements for how your child will get home from school BEFORE he/she comes to school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Late Notes

If your child is late arriving to school they must report to the office to sign in and have their Agenda signed by office staff. Teachers will not allow students to enter their classrooms after 8:10 without their Agenda signed by one of the front office secretaries. The student MUST HAVE A LATE NOTE explaining the reason why they are late.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you for helping us keep our records accurate and in compliance with Maryland State policy.


Health & Medical Forms

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Cafeteria Menu

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Cafeteria Notes

Welcome to our wonderful Catonsville Middle School Café.  We serve breakfast every morning from 7:45 - 8:15 and all students, as well as staff members, are welcome to come for a nutritious breakfast. At lunch time, we provide a full lunch with two hot food lines offering five to seven choices daily, we also have a deli line where students can make their own choices of type of salad or sub they would like.  Parents and families, please make sure, as always, to have money on your child's lunch account. If we lend your child money, it must be paid back the next day. We take cash and checks made payable to Catonsville Middle Café. When repaying, please have your child bring the money into the café at breakfast or lunch time.

For those students receiving household meal benefits  - benefits do carry over from last year and you have 
until October 14 to receive these benefits, but you must reapply as soon as possible so that the benefits will not be cut off in October. If you wait until the last minute, your benefits could expire and you will have to pay full price until it goes through again, and whatever debt is accrued during this period has to be paid back to the cafeteria. The paperwork can take up to two weeks to be processed at the Food and Nutrition Office. Application forms are available in the school office, and there is a phone number for the office on the application. Please have your child stop by the office to pick up a form. Your child is also eligible for breakfast which is provided daily - either hot or cold, which we have available every full day of school.

Then there are the snacks. We have snacks every day on all the food lines and in the vending machines, but it is against our policy to sell snacks to anyone who owes the cafeteria money. That money must be put towards paying off their debt. We will lend money for lunch only but it must be paid back to us the next day. If your child abuses this courtesy we will no longer lend them money, but we will give them cereal and milk. No child will go hungry.  And remember...Friday is always PURPLE FRIDAY in the Catonsville Middle School Café.