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Rehearsal Comments 11/20

Scene 1
-sing out, ensemble!
-Mufasa, Sarabi, and Rafiki move regally when together

Scene 3 (Grasslands)
-riser singers, make sure you are in your places in time; you have time to do this
-ZAZU "hyenas in the pridelands!"  Should be desperate

Scar's cave (2nd time)
-Young Simba, wait until the music ends to come on stage
-Young Simba, stay LION-LIKE. Headlights!

Lioness Hunt
-riser singers were missing again; get there early!
-Young Simba and Nala, move the scene CENTER STAGE

Scene 6 (elephant graveyard)
-Young Simba keeps upstaging others, be aware of your surroundings
-Young Nala and Hyenas interact!  This is a tense scene and you are just standing there.
-Never put your BEHIND toward the audience! (Mufasa and Simba)
-In be prepared, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed need to come up to the front faster for their dialogue

Scene 8 (stampede)
-Young Simba, need to be more LION-LIKE when you are scared.  Your running needs to be extremely animated.

Scene 9 (Hakuna Matata)
-Adult Simba, wait until the ensemble clears for you to appear.  We saw you stand in the back for a while
-Kathleen, amazing smile!

Scene 10
-Scar, keep working on making your physicality backwards from your instincts. You still upstage yourself sometimes.
- Adult Nala, keep the power in your body language at all times!
-really missing ensemble singing in "Shadowland"

Scene 11
-Adult Simba, be a little further stage right at the end, and don't be afraid to look at Nala!
-"He lives in you" Rafiki, slow down dialogue again!

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